Employee Profile: Danielle Wanik

One of the most important aspects of Danielle Wanik's job as Clinical Trials Assistant for Thoracic Oncology in the Clinical Trials Office is making sure patients follow the protocols as they are written by the sponsor to ensure they are treated safely. She spends most of her time monitoring patients on the clinical trials, and working with thoracic oncology physicians and APRNs, clinical research nurses, and the clinical research support lab.
Danielle is responsible for coordinating all of the labs, physicals, chemotherapy infusions, imaging, ophthalmology, and cardiology appointments that patients require while on a trial, within a specific timeline. She has been in her current position for a year and a half, after receiving her B.S. in Health Management and Policy, and completing an internship at a cancer genetics clinic, which is where her interest in oncology came from.
"It can be challenging to work with very sick patients, but it is also very rewarding. I am an optimistic person and find my job to be very fulfilling," said Danielle.
Danielle specializes in anti-PD-1 trials and the BATTLE-2 trial. The principle of anti-PD1 therapy was discovered in Dr. Lieping Chen's laboratory. Anti-PD1 has been found to be very effective in treating patients with lung cancer. BATTLE-2 is a trial that aims to identify new targets and rational combinations of molecularly targeted therapies that will lessen the effects of mutant KRAS in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.
Kathleen Uscinski, Associate Director for Clinical Trials Operations, commented, "Danielle has many demands on her time. It is very common to encounter roadblocks while assisting patients, physicians, and research nurses with the endless demands of running clinical trials. Yet, Danielle accomplishes her goals and does so with an upbeat, can-do attitude that is infectious and hugely appreciated.  I think Danielle epitomizes the perfect YCC employee.  She accomplishes the busy and complicated tasks in a confident and delightful manner that ensures our cancer patients get access to top notch clinical trials in a high quality environment."