Program Members


Glazer, Peter M.

Clinical Interests: General radiation therapy; breast cancer; prostate cancer; lung cancer

  • Office: (203) 737-2788


Boffa, Daniel J.

Research Interests: prevention of tumor metastasis; early detection of lung cancer

  • Appt: (203) 200-5864

Brash, Douglas E

Research Interests: Ultraviolet Light; Skin Cancer

  • Office: (203) 785-2988

Carlson, David Joel

Research Interests: Biological optimization of radiation therapy; Tumor hypoxia and reoxygenation effects; Proton and heavy ion radiotherapy; Functional imaging; DNA damage and repair; Motion management; 4D imaging and treatment strategies; Prostate cancer; Lung cancer

  • Office: (203) 200-2018

Carson, Richard E

Research Interests: Positron emission tomography (PET) modeling and physics; Tracer kinetic modeling methods and parametric imaging techniques for PET tracers; Application of receptors ligands to assess neurotransmitter dynamic; 3D and 4D PET image reconstruction; Medical imaging

  • Office: (203) 737-2814

Chang, Sandy

Research Interests: Mouse models of cancer; DNA damage; Telomere biology

  • Office: (203) 737-4667
  • Lab: (203) 737-4668

Chen, Zhe (Jay)

Research Interests: Theoretical and experimental radiation dosimetry; Radiobiological analysis; Modeling for radiation therapy treatment optimization and outcome analysis; Image-guidance for tumor identification; Treatment design; Delivery verification; Treatment response evaluation in personalized adaptive radiation therapy

  • Office: (203) 200-2014

Colberg, John W.

Research Interests: Urologic oncology

  • Appt: (203) 785-2815

Contessa, Joseph N

Research Interests: Receptor tyrosine kinase signaling; Adaptive responses of tumor cells to ionizing radiation; Protein N-linked glycosylation; High throughput screens for novel therapeutic agents; Biologic markers for radiation response

  • Office: (203) 200-2634
  • Appt: (203) 200-2000

Damast, Shari

Research Interests: Women's health; Cancer treatment; Quality of life; Patient-reported outcomes

  • Appt: (203) 200-2635

Decker, Roy

Research Interests: Lung Cancer; Head & Neck Cancer; Combined Modality Therapy

  • Office: (203) 737-2758
  • Appt: (203) 200-5864

Deng, Jun

Research Interests: Dose Reduction and Scan Optimization; Medicla Imaging; Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT); Monte Carlo Treatment Planning for Radiation Therapy of Cancers; Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT); Organ Motion and Deformable Registration; Optimization for Radiation Therapy; Biologically Guided Radiation Therapy (BGRT)

  • Office: (203) 200-2013

D'Errico, Francesco

Research Interests: Superheated emulsions

    Detterbeck, Frank C

    Research Interests: Cancer biology; Cancer imaging techniques; Prognostic markers of cancers; Multimodality (multiple therapies for) treatment of cancer; Evidence-based medicine

    • Appt: (203) 200-5864

    Duncan, James S

    Research Interests: Computer vision; Image processing and medical imaging, with an emphasis on biomedical image analysis

      Evans, Suzanne B.

      Research Interests: Breast cancer; Gynecologic cancers; Maximizing therapeutic ratio; Dosimetric prediction and prevention of toxicity; Patient communication

      • Office: (203) 785-7033
      • Appt: (203) 200-1630

      Glazer, Peter M.

      Research Interests: Gene targeting and gene therapy; Genetic instability in cancer; Mutagenesis; DNA repair; Radiation resistance; Cellular responses to radiation

      • Office: (203) 737-2788

      Guo, Fanqing

      Research Interests: Quality assurance methods and standards in radiotherapy, especially the IMRT/IGART QA; Treatment planning evaluation standards; Proton and heavier particles therapies and the miniaturization of proton accelerators; Tomotherapy; Application of nano technology in radiotherapy; Application of Monte Carlo in radiotherapy; Comparative radiotherapy between animals and human being

        Hansen, James E.

        • Appt: (860) 444-3744

        Hetherington, Hoby Patrick

        Research Interests: High field methods and hardware for magnetic resonance imaging; human brain; metabolism and dysfunction in epilepsy; magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging

        • Office: (203) 785-4816
        • Lab: (203) 785-4812

        Higgins, Susan A

        Research Interests: General radiation therapy; Radiation techniques; Gynecologic cancer; Cervical cancer; Vulvar cancer; Ovarian cancer; Vaginal cancer; Uterine cancer; Breast cancer; Herbal medicines; Complementary medicine; Gamma knife radiosurgery; Brain metastases; Intracavitary brachytherapy; Interstitial brachytherapy

        • Office: (203) 785-7033
        • Appt: (203) 200-2100

        Hyder, D. S. Fahmeed

        Research Interests: Brain energy metabolism; Neurovascular and neurometabolic coupling; BOLD technology; BIRDS technology; Calibrated fMRI technology; SAR technology; Cancer imaging and therapy technology; Molecular probes and nanocarriers

          Jensen, Ryan B.

          Research Interests: Cancer biology; DNA repair; BRCA2; DNA damage signaling; Genomic instability

          • Office: (203) 737-6456

          King, Megan C.

          Research Interests: Microtubules; Nucleus; Nuclear envelope; DNA repair; Cellular mechanics; Telomere biology

          • Office: (203) 737-4628

          Liu, Wu

          Research Interests: Image guided radiotherapy; Tumor motion monitoring and management; Dose reconstruction; Medical image analysis; Ultrasound parametric imaging

            Low, K Brooks, Jr

            Research Interests: DNA molecule recombination in vivo, relationship of recombination and DNA damage; use of bacteria to diagnose and treat cancer; starvation and mutagenesis

              Mani, Sheida

              Research Interests: Study of etiology of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in Northeastern Iran

              • Office: (203) 785-5175
              • Appt: (203) 688-1861

              Moran, Meena Savur

              Research Interests: Breast Cancer; Early stage breast cancer; Breast conservation therapy; Prostate cancer; Pelvic malignancies

              • Office: (203) 785-6384
              • Appt: (860) 892-2777

              Morris, Evan Daniel

              Research Interests: Kinetic modeling; Parameter estimation; Parametric imaging; Dopamine; Reward; Drug occupancy; Drug abuse; Alcoholism; Parkinson's disease

                Nath, Ravinder

                Research Interests: Radiation Oncology Physics; Dose calculations; Dosimetry measurements and delivery techniques; Brachytherapy sources and Physics; Radiation devices; Tumor and normal tissue imaging; Radiation Biology

                  Patel, Abhijit A.

                  Research Interests: Circulating tumor DNA; Next-generation sequencing; RNA profiling; Selection of nucleic acids from combinatorial libraries

                  • Office: (203) 785-2971
                  • Appt: (203) 200-2000

                  Peschel, Richard E

                  Research Interests: Intensity modulated radiation therapy; Prostate cancer; Prostate implant; Prostate specific antigen; Radiation therapy

                  • Office: (203) 785-2958
                  • Appt: (203) 384-6610

                  Roberts, Kenneth B

                  Research Interests: Cervix cancer and hypoxic cell cytotoxins; Brachytherapy; Pediatric malignancies; Hodgkin's disease; Health services research

                  • Office: (203) 785-2957
                  • Appt: (203) 200-2000

                  Rogers, Faye A

                  Research Interests: Breast cancer; Drug design; Altered helical structures; Cancer and genomic instability; DNA repair and apoptosis

                    Schulam, Peter G.

                    Research Interests: Prostate Cancer Imaging and Device Development

                    • Appt: (203) 785-2815

                    Son, Yung H

                    Research Interests: Therapeutic gain factor with combination of low dose rate radiation and external beam radiation in all sites; Radiation sensitization with chemical modulator in clinical application

                    • Office: (203) 785-2961
                    • Appt: (203) 688-1861

                    Sung, Patrick

                    Research Interests: Repair of DNA double-strand breaks; Repair by homologous recombination; Repair by DNA end-joining

                    • Office: (203) 785-4553
                    • Lab: (203) 785-4569

                    Sweasy, Joann Balazs

                    Research Interests: Genome Stability; Mutagenesis; DNA Replication; DNA Repair; Carcinogenesis

                      Wilson, Lynn D.

                      Research Interests: Cutaneous Lymphoma; Lung Cancer; Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy

                      • Office: (203) 737-1202
                      • Appt: (203) 200-2000

                      Wolin, Sandra L

                      Research Interests: Noncoding RNAs; RNA surveillance; RNA damage; Autoimmune disease; Environmental stress

                      • Office: (203) 737-4439
                      • Lab: (203) 737-4426

                      Yu, James Byunghoon

                      Research Interests: Genitourinary cancers; Central nervous system cancers; Breast cancer; Head and neck cancer; IMRT; Health outcomes and utilization research

                      • Office: (203) 785-5703
                      • Appt: (203) 200-2000

                      Yun, Zhong

                      Research Interests: Molecular and cancer biology; Stem cell biology, hypoxia; microRNA, tumor microenvironment; Obesity and metabolic syndromes