Program Members

Balsamo, Lyn

  • Office:(203) 785-3584
  • Appt:(203) 785-4640

Carbonella, Judith L

  • Appt:(203) 785-4081

Cheron, Rebecca

  • Appt:(203) 785-4081

Chirnomas, Debbie

Clinical Interests:pediatric bone marrow transplantation and iron overload.

  • Office:(203) 785-4640
  • Appt:(203) 200-2400

Dhodapkar, Kavita

Clinical Interests:Brain tumors; Immune thrombocytopenic purpura and tumor immunology brain tumors; Immune thrombocytopenic purpura and tumor immunology

  • Office:(203) 785-4640
  • Appt:(203) 785-4640

Duncan, Charles Cecil

Clinical Interests:Tumors of the nervous system; Nervous system/spine trauma care; Central nervous system congenital anomalies such as hydrocephalus, spina bifida, holoprosencephaly, Dandy Walker cyst; Medically intractable epilepsy in infants and children; Spinal cord cancer; Brain cancer

  • Office:(203) 785-2809
  • Appt:(203) 785-2809

Friedlaender, Gary Elliott

Clinical Interests:Tumors and pathological fractures; metastatic disease to bone; fracture nonunions; infections; sarcoma; multiple myeloma; bone cancer; pediatric cancer; limb-sparing tumor resections.

  • Office:(203) 737-5660
  • Appt:(203) 737-5660

Hattangadi, Shilpa

Clinical Interests:Bone marrow failure; aplastic anemia; leukemia; benign hematology; anemia; pancytopenia; cytopenias; Epo-refractory anemias; red cell aplasias; in vitro red cell culture for transfusion

  • Appt:(203) 785-4640

Hogan, Mary Jane S

Clinical Interests:pediatric hematology oncology

  • Appt:(203) 785-4640

Kadan-Lottick, Nina

Clinical Interests:Late effects of cancer therapy, including osteoporosis, growth failure, neurocognitive deficits, infertility, cardiomyopathy, and second neoplasms; Childhood cancer survivorship; Treatment of acute childhood leukemia and other childhood malignancies; Diagnosis and treatment of hypoglobinopathies; Quality of life of childhood cancer patients; Sarcomas; lymphoma; Brain tumors; Blood disorders; Thrombocytopenia; Hematologic disorders; Immune hematologic disorders

  • Office:(203) 785-4640
  • Appt:(203) 785-4081

Kupfer, Gary

Clinical Interests:Pediatric oncology; genetic markers for diagnosis, prognosis, staging and tracking disease in patients.

  • Office:(203) 785-4640
  • Appt:(203) 785-4640

Levin, Flora

Clinical Interests:droopy eyelids (ptosis); excess eyelid skin (dertamochalasis); facial aging and wrinkles; surgical and non-surgical faical rejuvenation; entropion; ectropion; eyelid retraction; benign & malignant eyelid and orbital tumors; eyelid reconstruction; tearing; endoscopic surgery; eyelid, oribtal and lacrimal system trauma; blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm;

    Lindskog, Dieter M.

    Clinical Interests:Adult and pediatric orthopaedic oncology; bone tumors - benign and malignant; soft-tissue tumors; sarcoma; bone cancer; metastatic cancer; radiofrequency ablation of bone tumors; limb salvage surgery; limb sparing surgery; rotationplasty; tumor reconstruction; spine tumors; orthopaedic trauma; fractures; hip fractures.

    • Office:(203) 785-2579
    • Appt:(203) 737-5656

    Marks, Asher Michael

    Clinical Interests:General oncology, general hematology, adolescent hematology/oncology, pediatric neuro-oncology

    • Appt:(203) 785-4640

    Massaro, Stephanie A

    Clinical Interests:Pediatric cancer; leukemia, lymphoma and solid tumors, pediatric blood disorders; immune mediated thrombocytopenia, anemia and neutropenia, platelet disorders, bone marrow failure syndromes

    • Office:(203) 785-4640
    • Lab:(203) 785-7089
    • Appt:(203) 785-4640

    Materin, Miguel A

    Clinical Interests:Benign and malignant ocular tumors; ocular melanoma; retinoblastoma; choroidal hemangiomas; retinal hemangiomas; metastases; astrocytic tumors; tumors related to other conditions or syndromes such as von Hippel-Lindau disease

    • Appt:(203) 200-3937

    McNamara, Joseph M.

    Clinical Interests:Leukemias; Lymphomas; Central Nervous System (CNS) tumors; Solid tumors; Pediatric hematology

    • Office:(203) 785-4640
    • Appt:(203) 453-2013

    Miller, Cindy Renee

    Clinical Interests:Ultrasound, especially cranial sonography, skeletal imaging, including skeletal dysplasias; non-accidental trauma, oncologic imaging, imaging of neuromuscular diseases

    • Office:(203) 785-2688
    • Appt:(203) 688-2433

    Pashankar, Farzana D

    Clinical Interests:Hemoglobinopathies including sickle cell anemia; thalasemia; solid tumors, especially germ cell tumors

    • Office:(203) 785-4640
    • Appt:(203) 785-4640

    Pels, Salley G

    Clinical Interests:hematology; hemophilia; von Willebrand disease; bleeding disorders; clotting disorders; thrombophilia; thrombosis; platelet disorders; immune thrombocytopenia; alloimmune thrombocytopenia; oncology

    • Appt:(203) 785-4640

    Roberts, Kenneth B

    Clinical Interests:General radiation therapy; pediatric radiation therapy; hematologic malignancy; lymphoma; Hodgkin’s disease; total body irradiation; endovascular brachytherapy; oncologic brachytherapy; gynecologic cancer; cervix cancer; gastrointestinal cancer; colorectal cancer

    • Office:(203) 785-2957
    • Appt:(203) 200-2000

    Touloukian, Robert James

    Clinical Interests:Neonatal surgery; trauma; tumors; head and neck surgery; thoracic surgery; pediatric oncology (cancer)

    • Office:(203) 737-5333
    • Appt:(203) 785-2701