Earl John Glusac MD

Professor of Pathology and of Dermatology; Director, Physician Associate Studies

Departments & Organizations

Yale Medical GroupCancer Center, Yale: Melanoma Program; Cancer ImmunologyDermatology: Dermatopathology; Skin Diseases Research Center, Yale | Pathology: Surgical Pathology: DermatopathologyImmunology and Immunotherapy

Research Interests

Histologic mimickers of malignant melanoma more...


  • M.D., Michigan State University, 1987

Selected Publications

  • Glusac EJ. Criterion by criterion, mycosis fungoides. The American Journal of Dermatopathology 2003 25: 264-269.
  • Glusac EJ: Of Cells and architecture: New approaches to old criteria in mycosis fungoides. J. Cutaneous Pathology 28:169-173 (2001).
  • Glusac, E.J., Shapiro, P.E., McNiff, J.M. Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma: refinement in the application of controversial histologic criteria. Dermatologic Clinics 17:601-614 (1999).



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