NCIC MA.32: A Phase III Randomized Trial of Metformin vs Placebo on Recurrence and Survival in Early Stage Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer

What is the purpose of this trial?

The purpose of this study is to find out whether it is better to receive the drug Metformin, with the usual treatment for breast cancer, or not. To do this, half of the subjects in this study will get Metformin, in addition to their usual treatment. The other half will receive a placebo (a substance that will look identical to the Metformin pills but will not contain any active ingredients) in addition to their usual treatment. The research is being done because previous laboratory work has shown that Metformin may decrease the growth of different types of cancer cells, including breast cancer cells. Research has also shown that Metformin lowers the level of insulin, a hormone found in the blood that can negatively affect breast cancer. No information is yet available on whether Metformin may help prevent breast cancer recurrence in patients like yourself who have had their breast cancer removed by surgery. We do not know whether the use of Metformin will improve the usual treatment for breast cancer.

Participation Guidelines

18 Years - 75 Years

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NCIC Clinical Trials Group
August 2012
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