Disease Aligned Research Teams

The Disease Aligned Research Teams (DARTs) at Yale Cancer Center promote translational research at Smilow Cancer Hospital through scientific discovery, testing new discoveries in our clinics and, ultimately, turning new innovations into viable disease-specific therapeutics. The Yale Cancer Center DART leaders and Research Program leaders collaborate to ensure all research opportunities are well coordinated and cooperative translational research is a priority for all Yale Cancer Center members.

Goals of the DARTs:
  1. To improve integration of our clinical and research programs
  2. To increase the number of IITs that have a Yale translational research component
  3. To increase peer review of clinical projects
  4. To enable basic scientists to become experts in clinical issues and paradigms
  5. To build clinical/basic science teams to move toward team science and funding

DART Leaders

Brain Tumor: Kevin Becker
Breast Cancer: Lajos Pusztai
Endocrine Cancers: Tobias Carling

Gastrointestinal Cancers: Howard Hochster

Gynecologic Oncology: Alessandro Santin

Head & Neck Cancers: Barbara Burtness

Hematology: Madhav Dhodapkar

Melanoma: Mario Sznol

Pediatric Hematology & Oncology: Gary Kupfer

Prostate & Urologic Cancers: Daniel Petrylak

Sarcoma: Dieter Lindskog

Thoracic Oncology: Roy Herbst

Phase I: Patricia LoRusso

Therapeutic Radiology: Roy Decker