Phase I DART

Faculty Members:



  1. To develop new and improved cancer therapeutics.  
  2. To maintain a portfolio of novel cancer therapeutics to service our cancer patient community
  3. To assist in the development, understanding, characterization, and approval of new drug therapies
  4. Strategically cultivate and nurture sponsored research activities

Goals for 2016:

  • To enhance relationships with Research Programs to increase translational projects in early therapeutics
  • To enhance relationships with Pharma to bring the best available therapies to our patients
  • To utilize our relationships with both Pharma and with the Research Programs to better understand the underpinnings of cancer and drug mechanisms of response and resistance

Research Meetings:  Thursdays at 2pm in WWW 208

Tumor Board Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month at 4:30pm in Tumor Board Conference Room