Paul M Lizardi PhD

Departments & Organizations

High Performance Computation


Gene Regulation and Functional Genomics

Research Interests

Cancer Genetics/Epigenetics; Cancer biology; Dynamics of abnormal chromatin states in neoplasia and metastasis; DNA amplification technology (MDA, RCA); DNA microarray technology for epigenetic analysis, array-CGH; Proteomics analysis of cancer tissues more...


  • Ph.D., Rockefeller University, 1971

Selected Publications

  • Bindra RS, Schaffer PJ, Meng A, Woo J, Maseide K, Roth ME, Lizardi P, Hedley DW, Bristow RG, Glazer PM. (2004) Down-regulation of Rad51 and decreased homologous recombination in hypoxic cancer cells. Mol Cell Biol. 24:8504-18.
  • Roth, M.E. Feng, L. McConnell, K.J., Schaffer, P.J., et al., and Lizardi, P.M. (2004) Expression profiling using a hexamer-based universal microarray. Nature Biotechnology, 22:418-426.
  • Zhou H, Bouwman K, Schotanus M, Verweij C, Marrero JA, Dillon D, Costa J, Lizardi P, Haab BB. (2004) Two-color, rolling-circle amplification on antibody microarrays for sensitive, multiplexed serum-protein measurements. Genome Biol. 5:R28.



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