Current Funding Opportunities

Class of ’61 Yale Cancer Research Award 

In order to recognize significant accomplishment and continuing outstanding promise in cancer research, Yale Cancer Center is pleased to announce the Class of ’61 Yale Cancer Research Award. This annual award recognizes significant accomplishment in cancer research at Yale University by a young member of the faculty, coupled with the expectation for future outstanding contributions to our understanding of the causes and cures for cancer.  The annual award, established through the ongoing generosity of the Yale College Class of 1961, will provide unrestricted funds to support the winner’s cancer research.  The initial award will be $50,000. Nominees must be Yale faculty members age 45 or less, whose accomplishments are documented by published papers and awarded grants in any area of cancer research including seminal investigations into basic cancer biology, important translational or clinical studies, or critical population science studies. Nomination guidelines and further information can be obtained from

Deadline for nominations: August 31, 2015

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Robert E. Leet and Clara Guthrie Patterson Trust Fellowship Program in Clinical Research

The Robert E. Leet and Clara Guthrie Patterson Trust was established in 1980 for the advancement of medical science, particularly research “relating to human diseases, their causes and relief.” The Patterson Trust will provide support to mentored investigators conducting clinical research with a focus on patient-oriented or translational laboratory research. The Program will help the Trust to pursue its mission by providing Applicants with the opportunity to demonstrate creativity and explore opportunities that may promote careers in clinical research. Pilot and preliminary studies are encouraged.

Application Deadline: Friday, August 31, 2015 2:00 p.m., U.S. Eastern Time

Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy, Inc. (ACGT) 2015 Young Investigator Awards
Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy, Inc. (ACGT) funds research aimed at furthering the development of cell and gene therapy approaches to the treatment of cancer. To this end, ACGT offers its Young Investigator Award to qualified scientists at the Tenure Track Assistant Professor level.

Candidates for a Young Investigator Award must hold an MD, MPH, PhD, or equivalent degree, and be a TENURE TRACK Assistant Professor within SIX YEARS of their initial appointment to this rank at the time of award activation. (January 2016). The investigator must be conducting ORIGINAL research as an INDEPENDENT faculty member reporting DIRECTLY to the Department Chair or Division Chief, with DEDICATED laboratory space allocated by the Department Chair. ACGT has no citizenship restrictions, and research supported by the award must be conducted at medical schools and research centers located in the United States (including Puerto Rico) or Canada. ACGT will accept a maximum of one resubmission of an application. Please indicate date of submitted application. Note: LOIs are not considered applications. Applicants who fail to receive funding after two submissions may resubmit but only if the application is fundamentally revised to qualify as new. A new application is expected to be substantially different in content and scope with more significant differences than are normally encountered in an amended application.

Application Deadline: September 9, 2015 


The Elsa U. Pardee Foundation funds research to investigators in United States non-profit institutions proposing research directed toward identifying new treatments or cures for cancer. The Foundation particularly encourages grant applications for a one year period which will allow establishment of capabilities of new cancer researchers, or new cancer approaches by established cancer researchers. It is anticipated that this early stage funding by the Foundation may lead to subsequent and expanded support using government agency funding. Project relevance to cancer detection, treatment, or cure should be clearly identified. Applications requesting more than 15% overhead are usually not considered. Papers verifying nonprofit status and relevant human subject and experimental animal treatment approvals from the recipient institution will be requested prior to project initiation. A final report summarizing financial expenditure and research achievement is required.

Application Deadline: October 1, 2015

Assay Validation For High Quality Markers For NCI-Supported Clinical Trials
The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to improve the development and validation of molecular diagnostics for the treatment, control, or prevention of cancer. This FOA includes, but is not limited to, the validation of prognostic, predictive or response markers for treatment and markers for cancer control or prevention trials. Applicants should have an assay that works in human samples and whose importance is well justified for development into a clinical assay. In addition, analytical validation of assays for these markers should be achieved when the application is submitted so that clinical validation may be achieved with little further analytical validation needed. This supplement may be used to support acquisition of specimens from retrospective or prospective studies from NCI-supported or other clinical trials. Clinical laboratory staff, technical and other needs must be an integral part of the application. Assays proposed for this FOA may be used to validate existing assays for use in other cancer clinical trials, observational studies or populations. Projects proposed for this FOA will require multi-disciplinary interaction and collaboration among scientific investigators, clinicians, statisticians and clinical laboratory scientists and staff. This FOA is not intended to support trials that assess the clinical utility of a marker/assay but is intended to develop assays to the point where their clinical utility could be assessed in other trials.   

Application Deadline: October 7, 2015

Smoking Cessation within the Context of Lung Cancer Screening
The goal of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to improve the effectiveness and/or implementation of smoking cessation interventions delivered to current smokers who undergo low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) lung cancer screening. The proposed projects must be aimed at determining:
a) the key components and characteristics of an effective smoking cessation intervention delivered in the LDCT setting; and/or
b) characteristics of an implementation strategy to optimally incorporate existing evidence-based smoking cessation intervention(s) into the LDCT setting.

Application Deadline: October 8, 2015

Leslie H. Warner Postdoctoral Fellowships for Cancer Research Awards 2015-2016

Yale Cancer Center announces a competition for The Leslie H. Warner Postdoctoral Fellowships, to be awarded for one year commencing December 1, 2015, to fellows conducting cancer research with a Yale Cancer Center member. The Fellowships will support innovative basic, translational, clinical, or population-based cancer research. Candidates who began postdoctoral studies on or after December 1, 2014 are eligible for this award. Up to four applications will be funded.

The Leslie H. Warner Postdoctoral Fellows will be appointed as postdoctoral associates and will receive an annual salary of up to $43,800, as well as fringe benefits.

Awards will be based on scientific promise of the applicant based on publication record and letters of recommendation, quality of research plan, cancer relevance, and quality of training experience.

Applicants should present a two-page research proposal and a separate abstract clearly indicating the relevance of the proposed research to the field of cancer, a current curriculum vitae, two letters of reference from qualified individuals familiar with the applicant, and a letter from the faculty mentor (three letters total).

Further information may be obtained from Dan DiMaio ( Application materials may be obtained from Jan Zulkeski ( Submit completed applications including a complete, signed PDF to Jan Zulkeski in the Sterling Hall of Medicine, I-141. 

Application Deadline: October 29, 2015 

Utilizing the PLCO Biospecimens Resource to Bridge Gaps in Cancer Etiology and Early Detection Research (U01) 
This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) encourages the submission of applications that propose to advance research in cancer etiology and early detection biomarkers, utilizing the advantages of the unique biorepository resources of the NCI-sponsored Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian Cancer (PLCO) Screening Trial. The PLCO Biorepository offers high-quality, prospectively collected, serial pre-diagnostic blood samples from the PLCO screened arm participants, and a onetime collection of buccal cells from the control arm participants. Available data associated with the biospecimens includes demographic, diet, lifestyle, smoking, screening results, and clinical data. This FOA supports a wide range of cancer research including, but not limited to, biochemical and genetic analyses of cancer risk, as well as discovery and validation of early detection biomarkers. The proposed research project must involve use of PLCO biospecimens; additionally, it should also take advantage of the unique characteristics of the PLCO biospecimens. Research projects that do not involve the use of PLCO biospecimens will not be supported under this FOA.  

Application Due Date: Application Receipt/Submission Date(s): February 17, 2016; August 16, 2016; February 15, 2017; August 15, 2017; February 15, 2018; August 15, 2018, by 5:00 PM local time of applicant organization.