Richard L Edelson MD

Aaron B. and Marguerite Lerner Professor of Dermatology; Chair and Professor, Department of Dermatology, Yale School of Medicine

Research Interests

Cutaneous T cell lymphoma (CTCL); Human T cell physiology; Immunobiology of normal and diseased skin

Research Summary

Cutaneous T cell lymphoma is the most common malignancy of lymphocytes in adults. Our group studies the basic biology of the malignant cells of CTCL and relates cellular properties to the clinical course of the disease. We have developed an active immunotherapy program, a biological modifier system approved as a standard treatment for advanced CTCL by the FDA and now used in over 100 therapy centers worldwide. This treatment, known as "photopheresis" has been recently shown by us to work through a mechanism of increasing immunogenicity of class I associated tumor specific peptides including those derived from the clone specific T cell receptors. We are investigating means of increasing the expression of these peptide antigens and characterizing the cytotoxic T cell response against them.

Extensive Research Description

Under the leadership of Dr. Edelson CTCL cells have been characterized and new and effective therapies developed. CTCL was found to be a cancer of "cutaneous T cells," which migrate to and infiltrate the skin. Dr. Edelson and his colleagues have developed an immunotherapy known as "Photopheresis," which is FDA approved and used to treat CTCL and other T cell mediated diseases in more than 100 centers worldwide.

Selected Publications

  • Kuo PH, McClennan BL, Carlson K, Wilson LD, Edelson RL, Heald PW, Girardi M. FDGPET/ CT in the Evaluation of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma. Mol Imaging Biol 10.1007/s11307- 007-1027-y. 2007.
  • Berger CL, Shofner J, Vasquez JG, Mariwalla K, Edelson RL. Cancer Immunotherapy. Cancer Therapy 4:81-98, 2006.
  • Berger CL, Vasquez JG, Shofner J, Mariwalla K, Edelson RL. Langerhans cells: Mediators of immunity and tolerance. Int J Biochemistry & Cell Biol 38:1632-1636, 2006.
  • Girardi M, Berger CL, Wilson LD, Christensen IR, Thompson KR, Glusac EJ, Edelson RL. Transimmunization for cutaneous T cell lymphoma: a Phase I study. Leuk Lymph 47:1495-1503, 2006.

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