Robert Udelsman MD, MBA, FACS, FACE

William H. Carmalt Professor of Surgery; Chair, Department of Surgery; Surgeon-in-Chief, Yale-New Haven Hospital; Clinical Program Leader, Endocrine Cancers Program, Smilow Cancer Hospital; Chairman of the Board, Yale Medical Group

Research Interests

Minimally invasive surgery; Including techniques for minimizing the trauma of surgery; Endocrine surgery; Endocrine oncology

Selected Publications

  • Udelsman R. High success rate of parathyroid reoperation may be achieved with improved localization diagnosis. World J Surg 32(7):1512-7, 2008
  • Sosa JA, Mehta P, Thomas DC, Berland G, Farrell M, Gross C, Gusberg, R, Kinder B, McNamara R, Rosenthal R, Udelsman R, Bravata DM, Roman SA. Evaluating the Surgical Literature: Can Standardizing Peer-Review Today Predict Manuscript Impact Tomorrow? Ann Surgery (in press) 2008
  • Longo WE, Seashore J, Duffy A, Udelsman R. Attrition of Categorical General Surgery Residents: Results of a 20-Year Audit. Amer J Surg (in press) 2008
  • Tuggle CT, Roman SA, Wang TS, Boudourakis L, Thomas DC, Udelsman R. Pediatric Endocrine Surgery: Who is Operating on Our Children? Surgery (in press) 2008
  • Tang PC, Roman SA, Sosa JA, Cheung K, Udelsman R. Open and laparoscopic adrenalectomy: a twenty year institutional experience. Ann Surg Oncology (submitted) 2008

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