Yuval Kluger, PhD

Associate Professor of Pathology

Departments & Organizations

Pathology: ExPath | Informatics Program | Kluger Lab | Pathology Research

Cancer Center: Genomics, Genetics, and Epigenetics

Faculty Research

Medical Informatics, Yale Center for

Yale Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS): Computational Biology and Bioinformatics | Molecular Medicine, Pharmacology, and Physiology: Cancer Biology and Therapeutics; Genetics, Genomics and Proteomics; Human Disease Pathology, Physiology and Intervention; Systems Biology

Office of Cooperative Research

Education & Training

PhD Tel Aviv University (1993)

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Contact Info

Yuval Kluger, PhD
Office Location
Department of Pathology300 George Street, Ste Suite 505F
New Haven, CT 06511
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Mailing Address
Department of Pathology310 Cedar Street
PO Box 208023

New Haven, CT 06520-8023

Kluger Lab