Employee Profile: BrieAnna Hamel

While an undergrad at UCONN, BrieAnna Hamel, CCRP, was
first introduced to research methodology while working in a behavioral neuroscience lab, which influenced her decision to get involved in clinical research. After college, she worked as a Data Coordinator at a CRO with a focus on Alzheimer's research. Following this, she took a position in the Yale Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office in 2010 as a Data Manager on the GU team, and was then promoted to Project Manager for the Lung Disease Group.
BrieAnna is responsible for opening new trials and overseeing them until their close. Before a trial can begin accruing patients, it must first receive approval from different committees including the Protocol Review Committee (PRC), Steering Committee, and the Institutional Review Board (IRB). BrieAnna makes sure this, and all budgeting, compliance, and logistical items are in place prior to study activation. If an issue is identified during the lifecycle of a protocol, she explores ways to resolve it in a timely manner. During this process, she interacts with all members of the Lung Disease Team, as well as the sponsor to ensure that everything is clean, compliant, and within the required project timelines.
"We have an extremely dedicated team, and they are a phenomenal group of people to work with. The effort they put forward every day is motivating, and the science and research they are involved in is working toward a real solution to a problem. I am constantly learning, and it's wonderful being a part of this team," said BrieAnna.
Currently there are over 20 lung trials in total that are either open and recruiting patients, or open, but closed to enrollment. BrieAnna is also responsible for Resource Planning for trials, which means she needs to be able to project the needs of the team for future protocols, such as how much staff they will need, what resources, etc.