Employee Profile: James Henrice

With the exponential increase in enrollment in clinical trials at Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven, James Henrice, MD has been an influential presence in the Clinical Trials Office as both a clinical data manager and recently, as interim project manager on the melanoma disease team - the second highest accruing team at the Cancer Center. After the clinical team collects the data from the patients during their visit, the information is delivered to Dr. Henrice where he takes the assorted information and translates it into data that is easy to understand, which brings meaning to the meritorious research being conducted here at Yale.
"Contributing to the future of cancer management is of primordial importance to me. My objective is to cooperatively capture the critical data that will help us comprehend the outstanding work being done by my colleagues in the Cancer Center," said Dr. Henrice.
In addition, Dr. Henrice has served as a catalyst to help increase the professionalism and camaraderie in his department. Earning the respect of everyone who works with him, he has changed his work environment which, in turn, has elevated the quality of service the Clinical Trials Office is able to provide to support cancer research both here on campus and at the Smilow Cancer Hospital Cancer Care Centers located throughout the state.
Kathleen Uscinski, Associate Director for Clinical Trials Operations, commented, "The output provided by our data managers must be detailed, accurate and of high quality.  James is an exemplary member of our team. He single handedly has set a new standard for ensuring quality data. His vision and values related to team building extend well beyond his responsibilities with the Melanoma Team. Yale Cancer Center is extremely fortunate to have him assist us in developing a top notch Clinical Trials Office."