Employee Profile: Michele Dingus

As an Accountant for Yale Cancer Center’s Business Office, Michele Dingus is responsible for the many day to day financial operations for the Cancer Center including many aspects of billing, expense reports, and handling purchase orders. She also assists in grant submissions by preparing budgets and applications including grant progress reports. In order to obtain the necessary information for these, she collaborates with other departments, administrative assistants, and even other universities.

Michele is also responsible for four Internal Service Providers and she assists in the calculation of their rates and oversees the monthly billing process. She works with several principle investigators within the Cancer Center and manages the numerous pilots that are issued to principle investigators in various departments.

“I am very lucky to be part of a team that works well together. It is an extremely rewarding job because I know that everything we do supports cancer research in some way,” said Michele.

Michele has been in her current position for almost two years and began at Yale working for the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation. Having been diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) in 2001, the work she does at the Cancer Center is especially close to her heart. She commented that she enjoys her job because in some way she feels like it helps to facilitate someone else’s recovery.

Adam Roshka, Associate Administrator for the Business Office, commented, “Michele is hardworking, dedicated and approaches her responsibilities with an optimistic view. Her ability to handle complex grant budgets and applications, including the Cancer Center Support Grant, has made her an essential member of the team.”