Employee Profile: Marion Miller

Marion Miller’s job as Administrative Assistant for Yale Cancer Center exposes her to many different departments, and various tasks throughout the Center. She is responsible for a wide range of duties, including sorting and distributing mail and faxes to the correct individual or department. If any supplies need to be ordered, or equipment maintained, Marion makes sure this is taken care of as well.

Another large part of Marion’s job is to coordinate and schedule the relocation of personnel and equipment in a timely fashion. If someone needs to move offices, Marion arranges for everything to be done ahead of time so that there are no complications. She has assisted in moving whole departments and makes sure that everything goes off without a hitch. Marion also works directly with key staff members to make sure that the Yale Cancer Center Grand Rounds and Tumor Board records are up-to-date.

“My job focuses on people and projects which are important to them.  I realize how vital it is to accurately schedule a move so that the involved personnel can do their job without a hitch.  I get a special glow when I know the person is counting on a particular move/event to go smoothly and I’ve contributed to it,” said Marion.

In the twelve years that Marion has spent with Yale Cancer Center, she has had the opportunity to gain knowledge and uses that knowledge to provide support to her own family that has been touched by cancer. Her supervisor, Kathy Antos, Assistant Administrator at Yale Cancer Center, commented, “Whether she is screening incoming calls, directing visitors, or handling numerous administrative tasks, Marion demonstrates her superior customer service and organizational skills daily. She goes the extra mile to make sure the needs of the department are met. Marion is a well-respected team player who is ready and willing to help when anyone on the staff needs her assistance. She is someone you can always count on and is truly a pleasure to work with!”