Employee Profile: Rebecca Lilian

In the Yale Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office, Rebecca Lilian serves as Project Manager for the Breast Cancer Disease Group. Her role requires her to oversee the many different aspects of clinical research from working with sponsors and meeting with investigators to help develop the Clinical Trial portfolio, to managing her staff to ensure things are being done effectively and efficiently.
Rebecca is involved with each clinical trial from the start, even before its submission to the IRB, and she follows it through the many phases, writing consent forms, creating resource plans to ensure ample staffing, processing amendments, etc.  "I help to make sure the trial is on track. There is a lot of coordination of all the moving parts of a trial and communication between team members is crucial. Ultimately, my goal is to make sure things run smoothly and that the needs of the patients on the trials are being met."
Having started out as a Data Manager in the Clinical Trials Office, Rebecca quickly worked her way up to Project Manager and now manages a large team. Things are constantly changing, and she has to stay up to date with the most accurate procedures and policies. With the addition of new faculty and the Smilow Cancer Hospital Cancer Care Centers, the Breast Cancer Disease Group is growing, which keeps Rebecca busy with new tasks on a daily basis.
Rebecca commented that there is a lot of 'behind the scenes' work, but if even one trial she assists with, helps one person, all the hard work is worth it. Her supervisor Kathy Uscinski, Associate Director for Clinical Trials Operations said, "Rebecca has quickly become a key player within the CTO.  Her workload has nearly doubled with the research enterprise expanding to the Smilow Cancer Care Centers.  Her attention to detail and ability to manage this growing portfolio with efficiency and grace is remarkable!"