Employee Profile: Molly Daley

In the Yale Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office, Molly Daley serves as Project Manager for Hematology, which includes Lymphoma, Myeloma, and Leukemia. She oversees Phase I, II, and III Investigator initiated and industry sponsored clinical trials from start up to the closure of the study for eleven physicians.  In her role she is responsible for ensuring study protocol compliance in regards to Federal regulations, Institutional Review Board (IRB) and University policies.
A large part of Molly's job includes supplying support and guidance to satellite sites for multi-center studies, including international sites. She provides administrative coordination between university and hospital departments in respect to contract, budget, regulatory, data, investigational product and clinical trial support. She also performs regulatory responsibilities that include FDA, sponsor and internal audits.  Molly commented, "I especially enjoy the work I do with multi-site trials. It is wonderful to see and be a part of that process and to know that patients are receiving the care that we work so hard to provide to them."
When Molly started she was the sole Project Manager for Hematology. There are now two Project Managers and Molly works on lymphoma and transplant studies.