Employee Profile: Etienne Holder

Etienne Holder is a Data Manager for the GI Disease Team in the Clinical Trials Office at Yale Cancer Center. She describes her job as very much a team effort, with the goal of working to cure GI cancers and improve quality of life for patients.  She works with Clinical Research Nurses, Principal Investigators and sponsors to ensure that the quality and compliance of the protocols are being followed. 
Protocol compliance consists of knowing the ins and outs of every protocol in order to be able to identify and resolve discrepancies.  On average Etienne manages 6-7 protocols at a time and must be an expert on all of them.  Occasionally, she will meet with the patients that are on the protocols along with the CRN and the PI.  This gives her an opportunity to resolve discrepancies with subject data, and continually learn from the patient and research team.
"Following a patient's progress is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.  Several of our patients are very sick when they enter into a protocol, and it is wonderful to see them slowly get better, and know that the trial is working," said Etienne.  Ultimately the data that is collected during the trial will be analyzed by the sponsor to deem whether or not the protocol treatment is effective. This can impact the future treatment of patients with GI cancers and therefore it is Etienne's responsibility to make sure the data reported is as accurate as possible and that the sponsor has everything they need to base their decision on.
Kathleen Uscinski, Associate Director for Clinical Trials Operations, commented, " Etienne brings 100% effort, tenacity and dedication to work each and every day. That's why she is an incredibly valuable member of our team! "