Employee Profile: Dee Radziunas

As Manager of Billing and Reimbursement at Yale Cancer Center, Dee Radziunas, CPC, CPC-H, is constantly working to make sure all policies and procedures are followed. Her team is responsible for all patient charge-entries for the Departments of Medical Oncology and Hematology. Among other tasks, she speaks at faculty meetings, works one on one with doctors, and works closely with the Yale Medical Group Compliance Department.

A charge-entry is completed after a doctor meets with a patient. On this form the doctor dictates the diagnosis code, the reason the patient was seen, and notes about the specific charges incurred during the visit. It is then the responsibility of Dee’s team to enter this information into the system and bill the insurance company. Dee is in charge of making sure the process is completed accurately and in a timely fashion. If any issues arise, she follows up with the doctor to quickly resolve them.

Dee’s favorite things about her job are getting a chance to work with and instruct physicians and the ever changing nature of codes. She speaks at faculty meetings and shares tidbits on billing and compliance procedures to eliminate problems down the road.

“A big part of my job is ensuring that people are educated beforehand, both patients and doctors. Being proactive when it comes to billing eliminates surprises and makes things easier for everyone in the long run,” said Dee.

After being in the health care industry for 20 years now, Dee feels as though she’s finally found her niche at Yale Cancer Center. She explained, “I am finally able to utilize my CPC and CPC-H credentials and knowledge of coding in a way that I really enjoy.” She has been at Yale for four years, and with the Cancer Center since last April.

One of the main goals Dee had coming into this new position was to make sure all physicians were properly credentialed upon their start date, so that they could start clinic right away if they desired. It is an involved process that usually was not completed until several weeks after their start date. She came to fully understand the process and found a way to streamline it so that all papers were in order for the physicians first day.

Communication is keemptyy in Dee’s position. She is part of a Task Force that includes her manager, Jennifer Mulligan, MBA, Associate Director of Finance & Administration, and Kevin Vest, PT, MBA, FACHE, Deputy Director, Administration & Clinical Affairs for Yale Cancer Center. They meet to identify any areas of concern and together work to find solutions.

Jennifer Mulligan commented, “Dee had made a huge impact on billing and compliance in the year and half that she has been here. She is dedicated to finding answers to any problem, and that dedication and care comes through in all of her work.”