Employee Profile: Teresa White

Teresa White, RN, BSN, OCN, is a Clinical Research Nurse for the Clinical Trials Office (CTO) at Yale. She works with physicians and clinical trial assistants to review patient cases and helps patients navigate through the process of participating in a clinical trial. She begins by reviewing their history, and assessing whether or not they are eligible for a specific trial.

Teresa’s main role is patient education. She works with patients on a daily basis to make sure they are receiving the appropriate treatment and care. She helps them to understand the medications they are taking, when and how to take them, which ones need to be taken with food, and which ones without. She monitors side effects, makes sure patients are scheduled for the correct tests and scans, and that they are meeting with their doctor regularly. Teresa commented that it is very labor intensive, but she enjoys working with patients and their families and is very happy that she gets to be part of a process that may have great benefit for the patient.

“Patients are coming to us because all other options have failed. We are doing Phase I, II, and III clinical trials here at Yale and for a lot of people, it’s their final hope. It is an amazing experience to see a new drug benefit these patients that are so full of hope and still have so much to offer,” said Teresa. Teresa became a nurse right out of High School, and has always been involved in the field of oncology.

She has been in her current position for just under a year, and is focused on Phase I trials for Gastrointestinal tumors.It is the nurses’ role within each disease area to make sure patients have access to the trials that are available to them.
Stacey Stein, MMS, MD, Assistant Professor of Medical Oncology, has worked on GI trials with Teresa and commented, “Teresa has a strong commitment to patient care and providing patients with access to clinical trials. She has a warm personality that the patients love; she is truly a pleasure to work with. “