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Abby Flynn, charge nurse, NP 11

Abby Flynn believes in the importance of nurse education and hands-on teaching. As a charge nurse on NP 11, a Hematology-Oncology floor at Smilow Cancer Hospital, she enjoys helping newer hematology nurses learn the ropes.

Abby works with the hematology house and bed management staff, attends meetings, and assists her colleagues with their workload. Performing chemotherapy order checks and patient audits helps Abby maintain the high level of organization she strives for on her floor, but mentoring her colleagues is an integral part of her day. Guiding nurses through order sets and chemotherapy administration and helping them advance towards becoming chemotherapy and stem cell transplant certified, Abby has exceled in a leadership capacity.

"Abby is a phenomenal nurse and excels in working with our younger staff," says Kirsten Pedersen, Abby's Service Line Educator. "She has mentored most of our new chemotherapy nurses, teaching them how to safely verify and administer very complex regimens including many new research protocols. Abby is a very organized person, and her ability to prioritize makes her an excellent charge/resource nurse. Our multidisciplinary team of PAs, APRNs, and physicians respect her decision-making."

After graduating from UConn Nursing School, Abby joined Yale New Haven Hospital and worked on the hematology oncology floor, 9 West, before Smilow was built. When the construction of Smilow was completed, she chose to continue her work on the Hematology floor for continuity with her patients. And now, with so many new treatments and trials frequently coming available, work is that much more interesting and it is providing her and her team with more learning opportunities.

Abby says of her ten years with Hematology-Oncology, "Smilow is like a family. Everyone, from the educators to the nurse managers, has stayed the same in one capacity or another since I started. It's a close-knit family and has been a very supportive and inspiring workplace over the years."