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Al Cabrera, Medical Assistant

Not only do medical assistants get patients settled in to their appointment by taking blood pressure readings and measuring for height and weight, many times they are the first impression for a patient when they visit Smilow Cancer Hospital or our Care Centers. Medical assistants set the tone before the doctor enters the room, often putting an anxious patient at ease through conversation or their positive demeanor as they await the doctor's arrival with scan or biopsy results, or for their check-up.

Al Cabrera is one of six medical assistants who work in Smilow Cancer Hospital's 4th floor Multispecialty Center. For the last four years, he has triaged patients as they arrive for appointments, occasionally doing glucose sticks and performing EKGs. He also monitors their morale when they arrive and makes sure to put a smile on their face and turn their day around.
"I try to be compassionate and be a nice person to all," says Al. "I've always been someone who has volunteered and it has been part of my nature to help people."

Cynthia James, BS, CPC, CRHC, Clinical Operations Manager echoes his sentiments, "Al is the backbone of our Medical Assistant staff in our clinic. His colleagues say he is very helpful, reliable, quiet, and an all-around nice guy, and I couldn't agree more."

Al hopes to continue to help people as he awaits acceptance into school to pursue his goal to become an MRI Technician.