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Althea Sewell, Clinical Apheresis Associate, NP 8

Althea Sewell, Clinical Apheresis Associate, greets patients coming into the Apheresis/Transfusion Service on the 8th floor of Smilow Cancer Hospital. She makes sure that patients are directed to the appropriate treatment area within the clinic, and that they are comfortable while they wait for the nurse.

Althea acts as the go-to person for patients. She handles administrative tasks such as triaging phone calls, ordering supplies and scheduling, but also interacts with patients, nurses, and physicians on a daily basis. The position of Clinical Apheresis Associate was created 8 years ago, and Althea was the first person hired. Previously, nurses were required to handle many of the administrative tasks, in addition to providing patient care. Althea makes it possible for the nursing staff to stay focused on the patients and do what they need to do.

"My goal every day is to make everyone happy, which is not always an easy task. If I can put a smile on the patients face, and the faces of their family members and the nurses, then I know I am doing my job," said Althea. "I try to make the patient and their family as comfortable as possible, and provide blankets, drinks and snacks if needed. Anything to make their visit to the clinic a little easier."

"Althea is a dedicated and hard-working employee. She consistently models the 'I am Yale-New Haven' behavior. During busy times in the unit, Althea pitches in to make a bed, escort a patient or visitor to a chair, offers a drink, or gets a wheelchair for the patient to decrease wait times. Althea 's work ethic and personal conduct should be bottled and distributed among would be applicants," said Winsome Smith, RN, on the unit.