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Andreina Boebel, Patient Financial Access Counselor, Waterbury

On a daily basis Andreina Boebel, Patient Financial Access Counselor at the Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center at Waterbury, works closely with patients to take care of everything they may need. From scheduling appointments, coordinating referrals, and patient education, Andreina has a hand in patient care from the moment a patient arrives.

"There is a lot of anxiety for patients when they come to see us, and many don't know what to expect. I try to alleviate some of that anxiety by educating patients and making it as easy and smooth a process as possible for them," said Andreina. "Understandably patients want to be seen right away, or have their scans done immediately, but that isn't always possible, or necessary. My job is to build trust and communication with them and reinforce that they are always our top priority."

Andreina's role is constantly evolving and growing, and she currently has taken the initiative as the new patient care coordinator for the Waterbury Care Center. This entails the onboarding of new patients and referrals, scheduling appointments within a designated timeframe, and answering any non-clinical questions. She has been in her current role for just over a year, but started at Yale in 2011.

Her manager, Jose Ayala, PFAS Supervisor, commented, "Andreina is an exceptional team player and her leadership skills that are displayed on a daily basis encourage and direct the whole team in a positive direction." Nanette Bergamo, RN, added, "She is a role model for the other front office staff and they look to her for guidance and advice. She has a positive and infectious personality and is always cheerful and smiling, which makes a huge difference in the energy in the office."