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Annette Hood, PharmD, BCACP

Annette Hood, PharmD, BCACP is a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist specializing in Oncology in the Women's Infusion Clinic on the 1st floor of Smilow Cancer Hospital. Day to day, Annette reviews chemo orders, reading through lab results of patients to monitor liver and kidney function and blood counts to confirm appropriate chemo doses. Annette also takes the time to meet with patients who are interested in herbal therapies and natural products to ensure safety when combined with their current therapies or to answer any questions related to their treatment.

In unique circumstances, Annette also works with MAP (Medication Assistance Program) Coordinators on behalf of patients. In one recent example, a patient with endometrial cancer was prescribed IV and oral therapies, but her insurance would only approve the IV drug and not the oral. Annette enlisted the help of a MAP Coordinator who was able to work with the pharmaceutical company to provide the oral medication to this patient for free.

"I am lucky to be able to leave work every day feeling that my job is very valued," remarked Annette. "Being able to help patients and providers is a rewarding benefit of my position here." Annette is most proud that many of the patients who arrive for treatment in the women's infusion clinic have at least one of their chemo drugs prepared ahead of their arrival. "Our patient satisfaction has increased as a result, knowing that they can get right in and not have to wait." The technology that is now available is also of benefit to patients. Photos are taken during every step of the process as chemo is prepared, and this accuracy and accountability helps patients feel more comfortable.

"Annette is one of our most valued team players," says Gineesha Abraham, MSN, APRN, Advanced Practice Nurse in Breast Medical Oncology. "Her expertise in oncology medications and treatment plans makes her a very valuable asset in providing excellent care to our patients. She answers all our questions, simple and complex. Her warm and kind attitude makes her all the more special to us."