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Anthony Harris, Materials Management

When a delivery comes in to the loading dock at Yale New Haven Hospital, chances are Anthony Harris, Supervisor for Materials Services, played a role in its safe arrival and subsequent redistribution to the correct location. Anything from napkins to OR equipment passes through the warehouse where Anthony is also a Manager. Currently wearing two hats, the work load for Anthony never slows and varies from day to day.

Over his 42 years at Yale, Anthony has held many different positions and has seen a lot of growth and changes. “When you stop and think about it, it’s amazing how much we have grown. But my main goal has always remained the same, and that is to accommodate the patient and make their stay here just a little better if I can,” said Anthony. He often finds himself tracking down orders when a package has been mislabeled, or a name misspelled. Whether it is a flower delivery or important medical records being delivered, what matters to Anthony is making sure it gets to the right person without delay.

Carolyn Truini, Coordinator for Smilow Cancer Hospital's Department of Operations, commented, “Anthony always responds quickly, understands what I don’t understand about the process, and makes sure necessary items for our teams are found and quickly brought to the appropriate units. He is a great team member!”

Eric Warmoth, Material Services Manager at Yale New Haven Hospital said, “Anthony’s hard work and dedication to YNHH over the past forty-two years has been nothing short of amazing. Anthony’s customer service skills are a model to us all. When the time comes for Anthony to retire he will truly be irreplaceable.”