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Bobby Jean-Baptiste, EVS

Bobby Jean-Baptiste in Environmental Services (EVS) for Smilow Cancer Hospital, is responsible for cleaning the floors for the Multispecialty Clinics and Infusion areas on the seventh floor, which covers a large area. Although according to Bobby, the biggest part of this job is making sure that patients feel comfortable coming into a place that becomes like a second home to them.

Many patients come several times a week to the outpatient clinic, and Bobby gets to know a lot of them, and their families. When Bobby started two years ago, he didn't realize the life-changing connections he would make, and how the entire team would become like family. Bobby does not take his job lightly, and is reminded of his father who passed from cancer five years ago, every day. He is currently in culinary school, and would love to remain a part of the Yale family after he graduates.

"This is an amazing place to work and everyone has been so supportive of me," said Bobby. "Yes, my main job is to make sure the floors are clean, but if I can take a minute out of my day to grab a wheelchair, or take care of something that will make someone else's day better, I will do it, because it makes my day better too. The days go more smoothly when you approach them with a friendly and positive attitude."

Karen Reyes Benzi, an RN on NP7, commented, "Bobby has been a valuable asset since joining our team. He is friendly and professional and takes great pride in making our area clean, which was extremely important during recent inspections. He is great with the patients, and respectful of their space."