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Jason Burgo and Michael Torres, IT Support Specialists

Jason Burgo and Michael Torres, IT Support Specialists for Yale University Campus Technology Services, both joined Yale in 2008 as contractors to migrate email from the outdated mail systems to the current Microsoft Outlook. After the conversion was complete, they both accepted roles as Designated Service Providers (DSP) at Yale Cancer Center and in 2011 were both hired full time by YCC. They have continued to work together to provide reliable IT support to YCC faculty and staff, including clients located outside the New Haven area.

Jason serves as the main contact for clients within the Cancer Center, while Michael splits his talents between YCC and the School of Public Health. Their main role is to configure computers into what is known as managed workstations, following HIPPA guidelines with encryption. They are also available to fix printers, hardware issues, software installation as well as moving computers to new locations and provide support for laptops, cell phones, iPad and tablets.

They support clients in Bridgeport, Fairfield, Guilford, and Torrington, to name a few; therefore their work includes travelling when needed. They start the day by mapping out routes both on and off campus depending on scheduled appointments, high priority tickets and tickets they have received through the Help Desk. "Jason and I work as a team, which is very important" said Michael. "We have to manage all of the tickets we receive and make sure each one is taken care of in a timely manner."

Aside from being the support system for IT issues as they arise, Jason commented, "We also give advice and instructions so that people can figure out smaller issues with our help. We take others ideas and thoughts into consideration to figure out the best technical route to complete tasks. On any given day we can interact with anyone from an administrative assistant to the head of departments, physicians and managers. The job varies day to day."

Rick Kremer, Desktop Support Manager for Campus Technology Services, commented, "As their manager, I find them both fully dedicated to provide world class customer support to our clients. They are both extremely patient and have a calming influence. These 'soft' skills, combined with their technical acumen, make them invaluable to the Faculty and Staff Support team."