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Kira Pavlik, MPH, CCRP, and Trisha Burrello, MS, CCRC CTO

Kira Pavlik, MPH, CCRP, and Trisha Burrello, MS, CCRC, Assistant Directors for Clinical Trials Operations at Yale Cancer Center, like many of us, have used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to reflect and reevaluate. Officially taking over the role of Assistant Directors in the Clinical Trials Office (CTO) in May, Kira and Trisha assist leadership in achieving the clinical research mission of Yale Cancer Center, and strategic initiatives by serving as a direct link between the clinical research disease team staff, CTO administration, and Smilow Cancer Hospital. They both transitioned to their Assistant Director roles while also retaining their roles as Clinical Trials Team Managers (CTTM).

As Assistant Directors, Kira and Trisha oversee clinical trials in many different disease areas, and for them it is all about the patient experience. “With COVID it has given us the opportunity to optimize our clinical
trials by looking at how we can incorporate more technology to make the patient experience better,” said Trisha. “We are exploring how to incorporate virtual visits, which we hope will make some processes less burdensome. In addition, we are working to overhaul our website and are excited about what the future holds.”

Kira has been at Yale for 10 years and has held pretty much every role in the CTO. Originally, she wanted to be a cancer biologist, but soon realized she wanted to be involved in cancer research in a different capacity. “One of the big misconceptions about what we do is that once a trial is up and running, our job is done. But we follow trials from before they are even here until the end and beyond to provide good clean data for publishing,” said Kira. “We don’t often work directly with patients, but our work directly affects their care, and we take great pride in that.”

Trisha and Kira would like to sincerely thank the members of the CTO and CRSL who have worked tirelessly over the last several months to continue research operations through a very challenging and evolving time. “We are honored to be part of such a dedicated group of individuals and would not be here without their hard work and support!"