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New report finds wide pay disparities for physicians by gender, race, and ethnicity: With rare exceptions, White male physicians and scientists are paid significantly more than women of all races and men of color, even after accounting for rank, specialty, and degree, according to the first-ever, national-level analysis of full-time faculty salaries in academic medicine by gender, race, and ethnicity. (Source: AAMC)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute–funded postdoc Florentine Rutaganira (left) meets with her mentor, HHMI Investigator Nicole King, at the University of California, Berkeley. Source: HHMI
Major U.S. research charity places big bet on diversity: The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, one of the largest private funders of biomedical research in the United States, will spend $2 billion to improve racial diversity of biomedical faculty. (Source: Science)
Daniel J. Boffa MD, Keith B. Churchwell MD, and Richard C. Maduka MD (left to right).
Diversity, Equity, and Representativeness: Coming to Terms With the Henrietta Lacks Act: Equity in cancer care begins with representativeness in cancer research. The Henrietta Lacks Act was designed to enhance the representativeness of minoritized and traditionally underrepresented populations in the studies that define best practices in cancer care. Our intent was to both discuss the potential impact of the Act on cancer research and cancer care, as well as to offer simple definitions of key terms to encourage more people to engage in the critical conversations around equity.
Yale OCR’s first ‘Dolphin Tank®’ event to promote aspiring innovators: being held on September 23rd, a new program of Yale’s Office of Cooperative Research, is inviting applications for a “shark tank” style event in which aspiring entrepreneurs, including women and other underrepresented groups, will pitch their startup ideas to business professionals.