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Diane Viveiros, LCSW, Gynecologic Oncology

Diane Viveiros, LCSW on the 14th floor of Smilow, and in the Gynecologic Oncology Outpatient Clinic, has the knowledge and expertise to help patients and their families through the most difficult time of their lives, whether it is a new diagnosis of cancer, a recurrence, or the grief of knowing that end-of-life care may be necessary. Diane provides continuity of care and offers both supportive counseling and information about and referral to community resources that are available during the various stages of treatment.

Diane commented that at some point during the treatment process, a patient may find that meeting with a social worker helps them deal with life issues that have arisen due to their cancer. Some women are referred by their physician, a PA, or a nurse, but Diane also identifies women who may have a high level of distress or challenges. While Diane believes everyone can use the help of a social worker at one time or another, there are some life circumstances that strongly indicate the need. For example, frail and isolated elders, women who are in the midst of childrearing or women struggling with substance abuse or mental illness are all situations that Diane assists with.

“I work with the whole team to provide the best care possible to patients. Patients may bring something up with me that they have not yet discussed with their doctor, and find that talking with me helps them,” said Diane. “I love my job and feel that I am using the gifts that I was given in the best way I can.”

Diane also co-chairs the Social Work Department’s Service Excellence Committee. She is devoted to making sure the teams are working together the best way they can to support each other in caring for patients. Bonnie Indeck, LCSW, Manager of Oncology Social Work at Smilow Cancer Hospital, and Diane’s manager commented, “We were very fortunate when Diane joined us in oncology. She provides whatever may be necessary to ensure that a patient and her family have what they need – she goes the extra mile, whatever it may take. Diane’s service excellence style is a role model for all as witnessed by the positive feedback consistently received. It is a pleasure to work with Diane.”