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Donna Wesolowski, Project Manager, CRSL

Donna Wesolowski, MS, celebrates 35 years with Yale this year! She has been in her current role as a Project Manager for the Clinical Research Support Lab (CRSL) for three years, after working for 32 years in the laboratory of Dr. Sidney Altman in the Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology.

As Project Manager, Donna is responsible for thoroughly reading and dissecting the information in each clinical trial protocol and supporting materials to ensure that the processing and management of patient samples collected during a trial is done according to the guidelines laid out in the protocol. Donna supports the GU, Heme/Lymphoma, and Neurology DART Teams, to ensure that the samples, which can range from tissue, to urine, to blood, are collected at the proper patient visits. Once collected, the samples are stabilized as directed, and then shipped to the proper lab to be joined with other samples collected across the country and the world, to make up the data points that will be analyzed by investigators conducting the trial.

When asked to reflect on the changes Donna has seen in her 35 years at Yale, she said, "In 35 years technology has changed the way we communicate and share research information. When I first started we would walk across campus to get computer printouts of our data. Today, we discuss trials with other sites across the country in Zoom meetings and share data almost instantaneously." Looking back at just the past three years since she joined the CRSL, Donna noted that the number of trials they support has almost tripled. "Research is now conducted at a very different pace from when I started at Yale and I am very excited to be a part of this growing area of discovery."

Stephanie Halene, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine (Hematology), commented, "Donna fears no challenge. She takes the most complicated clinical trial lab manuals and translates them into action for the team."

"Donna is an extremely dedicated asset of the CRSL Project Management team. Managing more than 100 studies supported by the CTO, she approaches every clinical trial protocol with the same level of thoughtful enthusiasm and engagement," said Talia Mitchell, MS, MB(ASCP), Administrative Director for the CRSL.