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Donna Durmazlar, Clinical Operations Manager NP 8

The North Pavilion's 8th floor in Smilow Cancer Hospital is an outpatient oncology and infusion center, and typically hosts patients who are receiving treatment for solid tumor cancers or are seeing the provider on that floor. As the Manager of Clinical Operations, it is Donna Durmazlar's responsibility to make sure the floor is running efficiently. From helping a provider who is running behind get back on track, to ensuring the front desk staff and medical assistants are fully staffed each day, to helping out in crisis situations such as a Code Blue, Donna is always there to ask: 'how can I help?'

In addition to managing the 8th floor, Donna is also the covering manager for the 7th floor and the Phase 1 Unit front desk. To stay on top of all issues, she and other practice and floor managers meet each morning. This morning huddle gives everyone the opportunity to raise and resolve issues, review coverage for call-outs, and review the census for each floor.

"Smilow is great in that there are strict processes in place to ensure a steady clinic flow and make it as easy as possible for our patients," says Donna. "Patient needs are always our first priority."

In her seven years with Smilow, Donna has come full circle. She first started as a temp on the 8th floor, working at the front desk checking in patients. Soon, she was hired full time and worked her way up. And now seven years later, she is manager of the same floor. What is most bittersweet is when she still sees the same patients coming in for appointments that she did as a temp at the front desk.

"It is rewarding when you see a patient leaving and they tell you they are in remission. So many patients stop by my office and say 'thank you,' and this is what makes you do everything possible to make their experience better."