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Diane Eannotti, RN, Fairfield and Trumbull

Diane Eannotti, RN, is a Clinical Research Nurse at our Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center locations in Fairfield and Trumbull where she oversees patient care for patients who are participating in clinical trials. Once a patient is found to be a candidate for a trial, she reviews the enrollment process with them, stays with them through treatment when constant monitoring for needs and safety assessments are vital, and continues with them through to the end of treatment. Whether the trial has ended or the patient had to withdraw, Diane also manages the transition to another trial, a different therapy selection, or she helps the family navigate to their next stages of care.

The Fairfield and Trumbull Care Center locations have the highest patient populations enrolled on clinical trials in the state, and the portfolio of clinical trials is always growing. For Diane, this is exciting, "It is rewarding to see the access to novel therapies become more prevalent across our care centers - which is not widely known. Yale is a clinical research leader, and to see the exposure of Phase 2 clinical trials for our patients - and a promising future for offering Phase 1 trials, it only benefits our patients."

Diane has been a Clinical Research Nurse for 15 years, and during that time, she has seen the leaps forward in medicine. She can recall 10years ago, when 8-10 trials would be available in oncology research, and now, our portfolio is much more robust, with new trials opening every week - some with updates happening on a daily basis. It is a field filled with advancements, and when she can see early phase drugs have success and become FDA-approved, it's even more gratifying.