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Emily Fenton, Communications Officer

Emily (Fenton) Montemerlo began her career at Yale Cancer Center as an intern in the Public Affairs and Marketing Department immediately following college graduation. A couple of years later she was hired as a full time employee and has been with the Cancer Center in Communications for almost 10 years. She is involved in the design, implementation, and updating of the YCC website, and writes several articles for Centerpoint Magazine and Breakthroughs, our annual Year in Review.

"There is always something new and it is great to be in a position where I have the opportunity to meet and interact with faculty, staff, and even patients. It puts into perspective just how much goes into the care of patients and the facility as a whole, and who we are truly working for," said Emily. "It is also amazing to see all of the research and advances being made here and what that means for the future."

Another critical part of Emily's job is coordinating events such as Cancer Survivors Day and helping to produce Yale Cancer Center Answers, the weekly radio program on WNPR that features guest cancer specialists who share the most recent advances in cancer therapy. Dayto-day Emily helps with the behind the scenes upkeep of YCC communications and is always willing to lend a hand. She enjoys being part of such a great team and is proud to say she is part of the Yale community.

"Emily has been a huge part of the success of Yale Cancer Center's communications and events over the last decade, having led many of our events and participated in the production of our publications. She is dedicated to her work, well respected, and manages many of the details behind the scenes. I am grateful we have the opportunity to work together to meet the Cancer Center's needs," said Renee Gaudette, Director of Public Affairs and Marketing.