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Evelio "Junior" Escalante, Maintenance Specialist

Many people might not think about or notice who changed the light bulb in the hallway, or who was responsible for fixing the drain in the bathroom, but at the Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Centers, they know the man behind the work is Evelio 'Junior' Escalante, Maintenance Specialist for the Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Centers and the Department of Neurology. Junior handles all of the work orders that are submitted, including minor repairs that may take a couple of hours, to ongoing projects that sometimes take him days.

Work orders are prioritized and then Junior is dispatched to whichever Care Center requires his attention. He also will take care of things 'on demand' such as changing a light bulb or other minor work while he is there. "Not interfering with patients is my top priority. Before heading out I will make sure the repair needed will not bother patients in any way. If it does, I plan to come in early and have it taken care of before patients arrive," said Junior.

Junior also works with some medical equipment. Certain machines have regular service maintenance done, but if something breaks, he tries to troubleshoot the problem and take care of it on site. If not, he brings the machine to be repaired and then back to the Center as quickly as possible. He must travel to each care Center and some days this means going from the Smilow Cancer Hospital Sharon Care Center to the Shoreline Care Center in Guilford. Not being able to be in two places at once is one of the challenges faced on a daily basis, Junior commented, but he does his best to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible. He enjoys working with the staff at the Centers and said they help out and are understanding, which makes his job a lot easier.

Diane Corjulo, Clinical Program Manager for the Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Centers, commented, "Junior's positive attitude makes him a pleasure to work with. His usual motto is 'Whatever you need, I will get it done, no problem' and he always does, and does a great job."