Evie Calo, Clinical Receptionist II

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For Evie Calo, Clinical Receptionist II in the Multispecialty Clinic on the 8th floor of Smilow Cancer Hospital, her role at the front desk requires more than checking patients in for their appointments.  Among other things, she is a smiling face, a listening ear, a problem solver, and recently, an EPIC Superuser.
When patients arrive in the waiting area on the 8th floor, Evie greets them, collects their chart, makes any necessary updates to their information, and responds to questions and concerns they may have.  "Patients want to know how long the wait will be, and new patients have questions about what the visit will be like, etc.  While I don't have a medical background, I try to help them as much as possible.  These patients are coming in for treatment, or scans to see if their cancer has returned," Evie said. "The least I can do is answer their questions and let them know that they are more than a disease or a number on a chart."
With the launch of EPIC, Evie has been trained as a Superuser for the 4th, 7th, and 8th floors. This means that if someone is confused, or needs help, she is the one they turn to.  Evie started at Yale-New Haven Hospital in 2004 after graduating college, and started working for the Cancer Center shortly after.  She explained how important she feels the employees at the front desk are, and how hard they work.  She commented that they set the tone for an appointment, just by offering a smile, or addressing a patient by their first name. "Many patients come in on a regular basis and we get to know them and their families, and what their story is; it's a humbling experience and very hard when one of them passes," Evie said.
Michelle Wilson, MHSA, FACHE, Associate Director of Clinical Operations, commented, "Evie exemplifies a wonderful skill set for working with oncology patients; one where she performs her job responsibilities accurately and efficiently but, most importantly, with care for patients and their families.  I consistently receive patient accolades for Evie and am so appreciative to have her on the Yale Cancer Center team."