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Courtney Frederick, RN, BSN, Clinical Trials Research Nurse

Courtney Frederick, RN, BSN, Clinical Trials Research Nurse for The Breast Center, began her nursing career at Smilow eight years ago. For the last three and a half years, she has been working closely with clinical and research staff to navigate and support patients through clinical trials. From making sure patients meet eligibility criteria to monitoring for any adverse events, Courtney is with patients for the duration of a trial.
Courtney works with research staff and the entire care team to make sure that patients are tolerating the treatments and that the research data collected is accurate and correctly reported. A large aspect of her work is educating patients on what a trial entails, and how it can benefit them. There are often cultural barriers and stigmas that need to be overcome before a patient will consider taking part in a trial.

"There are so many options for patients, and we are on the forefront of providing cutting-edge care. Being involved with these drugs that can save or better a patient's life is very rewarding, and to be able to help other women during a vulnerable time is wonderful," commented Courtney.

Karen Forman, Assistant Director for Clinical Trial Operations, Clinical Research, commented, "Courtney is dedicated to providing the best experience for patients and works with providers, Smilow clinical staff and our research teams to meet the needs of complex protocols. It has been a pleasure getting to know and working with Courtney for the past three and a half years."