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Anthony Harris, EVS

Environmental Services (EVS) is an integral part of Smilow Cancer Hospital and ensuring that the overall environment of the hospital is clean and operating efficiently. As part of that team, Anthony Harris is assigned to the surgical oncology inpatient unit on the 15th floor. On a daily basis, he works to clean and sanitize patient rooms, offices, and conference rooms. Having been at Yale since 1997, Anthony brings his extensive expertise and professionalism to Smilow every day.

When interacting with patients to restock and clean their rooms, Anthony tries to make them feel comfortable and at ease. "I try to put myself in their situation and treat them how I would want to be treated," said Anthony. "Everyone is a stranger until you get to know them, and I often see the same patients in and out of the unit. It means a lot when a patient remembers me, and I try to go above and beyond to meet their needs. If they request something I try to accommodate them if I can, otherwise I make sure to check in with a nurse and let them know. It's little things I can do to make them more comfortable."

One such patient recently recognized Anthony for his work writing, "You are kind, you are encouraging and considerate. For all of these wonderful qualities, I am grateful." Anthony's supervisor, Jason Rodriguez, commented, "I can say that I feel at peace every time Anthony shows up to work because I know he will impact someone's life in some way. I've seen him interacting with patients and their families and there is something about his energy that makes them feel at ease."