Jan Shanley, Infusion Nurse

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Jan Shanley has been a part of the Early Drug Development Program (also known as the Phase I Clinical Trials Program) as an Infusion Nurse from the beginning.  In just under a year, under the direction of Dr. Joseph Paul Eder, the program has grown to include 10 Phase I trials. Jan is responsible for administering the investigational drugs to patients and monitoring their care. Before working with the Phase I Program, Jan was a nurse in medical oncology for seven years. 

Before a patient can start any clinical trial, they must meet certain eligibility criteria. Jan plays a vital role in the screening as well as in the treatment of these patients. "You can't help but develop relationships with these patients that you are seeing sometimes almost daily. It is awesome to see them complete the trial and come in for follow-up scans and see that they are disease free and doing well," said Jan. "These trials are groundbreaking and it's amazing to be a part of such a robust program and team."

Jan sees herself as on the frontline of getting these research drugs to patients. There are people working behind the scenes, the researchers, data managers, etc. that make what she does possible and help patients live longer, and in some cases, live disease free for years. She commented that there is always something new happening and she loves working with the patients. 

Karen Thimble, RN, MSN, APSM for the Smilow 8 Infusion and Phase I Program, and Jan's supervisor, commented, "Jan always keeps the patients first in the delivery of her safe, efficient care. She is concerned about how they get to treatment, how their families are affected and how they are feeling outside of the hospital. She wants them to lead as normal a life as they can, under the circumstances. She is wonderful."