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Janine Hoffmann, Senior Administrative Assistant

Janine Hoffmann started her career at Yale 10 years ago in what was then known as the Yale Breast Center. Serving as Clinical Coordinator and Senior Administrative Assistant to Dr. Donald Lannin, who was Director of the Breast Center at the time, she helped grow the program and continues to work toward that goal. In 2010, Janine became Senior Administrative Assistant to Anees Chagpar, MD, Associate Professor of Surgery (Oncology), and Director of the Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital. In this role she provides administrative support to Dr. Chagpar by managing her calendar, coordinating meetings, and arranging travel, among many other things.

Janine also provides support to all breast surgical faculty and acts as the liaison between faculty and the business office, processing expense reports and helping with the onboarding of new faculty through the University. Because Janine has experience in the clinic, she is able to assist with clinic scheduling and research activities. She played a role in the Breast Center receiving accreditation from The National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) by helping Dr. Chagpar review and complete forms and gathering essential documentation. She also serves as CME coordinator for the Breast Clinical Series, and is Fellowship Coordinator for the Interdisciplinary Breast Fellowship.

"I welcome any challenge and try to contribute in any way that I can towards the continued growth of the Breast Center and the impact it has on patients," said Janine. "It is wonderful working with Dr. Chagpar and assisting her in all the work that she does on a daily basis."

Describing herself as a team player, Janine tries to make herself available to all members of the Breast Center. She was a member of the Patient Education Task Force led by Dr. Chagpar and assisted in the development of a breast cancer guide to give to new patients to help them better navigate their care. Dr. Chagpar commented, "In every great organization, there are the people who get things done, who are team players; who are pleasant in their demeanor and are meticulous in their work. Behind every great leader, there is a team of people who ensure success. That's what Janine does every day."