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Jeffrey Blood, YNHHS Corporate Supply Chain Department

Many people may not think about where the wheelchair, bed, furniture, or much of the equipment they see and use in a hospital room comes from, but for Jeff Blood, Senior Procurement Coordinator for the Yale New Haven Health System Corporate Supply Chain Department, that is all he thinks about.

Having been in the Yale New Haven Health System for 44 years, Jeff has a unique perspective on hospital operations and needs. He has been actively involved in every expansion as the hospital grew from a single location in New Haven, to a system spanning several locations. Over the last 4 ½ decades, Jeff has worked in a least ten different positions from a volunteer in Patient Transport to his first job at 16 in Housekeeping, to now a Senior Procurement Coordinator ensuring that patient care units and nursing leadership have what they need on a daily basis to care for patients.

Jeff works closely with Smilow Cancer Hospital and when COVID-19 hit New Haven, he was instrumental in securing beds and equipment to support the expansions needed to care for this new patient population. It is no surprise that Jeff rose through the ranks over the years, as the history of his family is rooted here. His mother, Shirley Blood, was a pioneer in oncology at YNHH as Head Nurse in the mid 60`s on Hunter 5 and later as a Nursing Supervisor in Branford. This legacy of caring has not skipped a generation with both of his children working within YNHHS as well.

"For me this is more than a job, it is a commitment of caring for patients, this community, and this organization" said Jeff. "I started here in 1976 and have built strong relationships along the way, which make my position and perspective unique. This is a world-class hospital and my job is to make sure it is world-class from the inside out; from the basement up. My goal is to get what is needed to support both the patient and caregiver."

Carlos Lourenco, System Director of Logistics & Materials at YNHH commented, "Jeff's mixture of long experience, deep organizational knowledge, and commitment to patient care and customer service leave him uniquely qualified to make a significant impact on the patient care community. Jeff can foresee challenges and mitigate them effectively through his planning and networking. Leadership views Jeff as a key advisor in the acquisition, management, and even utilization of our bed fleet."