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Jill Williams, Patient Service Manager, NP 11

Jill Williams, RN, is the Patient Service Manager (PSM) for NP11, the 28- bed inpatient hematology and BMT unit at Smilow Cancer Hospital. Jill has been a nurse for 25 years, starting on a medical unit but quickly transferring to oncology, which has been her home for 24 years. Jill is well respected by her staff, NP 11's physician team, and her unit's patients. When making unit decisions she ensures that the patients and their families are at the center of that process.

Jill is also Co-Chair of the YNHH Quiet Initiative, which strives to improve the patient experience. Jill has spent countless hours brainstorming ideas that will ensure that patients receive the quiet that they need to heal. Some of her unit's initiatives that have hospital-wide acceptance are eliminating overhead pages and changing barcode scanners from beeping to vibrating. "These may not seem like large changes but they have made a big difference in our patient experience," Jill commented. "Patients comment that they appreciate our efforts to ensure a quiet environment." Jill acknowledges her staff's efforts and commitment in supporting all the initiatives in improving patient's quality of time spent on NP 11, which can be up to 30 days.

Jill has done a large amount of education house-wide on the detrimental effects of noise on the hospitalized patient. Kirsten Pedersen, RN, OCN, Service Line Educator for Hematology-Oncology, commented, "We have dedicated quiet hours on our floor and this has really made the floor much more patient-friendly. Jill's unit scores in which a patient states that the unit is always quiet has risen from 20- 30% to 70.6%, which passes the CMS threshold score. Jill is an amazing leader and an excellent role model who puts patients first."