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Jocelyn Walls, Oncology Social Worker

When people learn that Jocelyn Walls is an Oncology Social Worker, their first reaction is that it must be upsetting to hear from cancer patients for a living, but since she started in oncology in 2004, Jocelyn has only ever found it to be rewarding and uplifting.

Currently the only Oncology Social Worker serving the adult population at the Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center at Greenwich, Jocelyn works with all patients, however the largest population that she sees is breast cancer patients. The majority of patients are newly diagnosed or undergoing treatment, but Jocelyn has found there is a need for post-treatment support services as well and she offers a monthly post-treatment support group for breast cancer patients. She also worked to create a parent packet for patients with young children that provides them with resources and guidance on how to navigate the challenges of raising children while undergoing treatment for cancer.

"I try to keep myself educated on all treatments that patients may be receiving and the possible side effects. It helps me to know ahead of time what physical challenges they will face during treatment and how that may impact them emotionally. When I meet with a patient I try to keep an open mind, because they are always surprising me with a new perspective or challenge I wasn't aware of," said Jocelyn.

Bonnie Indeck, LCSW, Manager of Oncology Social Work at Smilow Cancer Hospital, commented, "Jocelyn is an asset to oncology social work. She is clinically excellent, warm, and compassionate. It is so good that the patients in Greenwich have Jocelyn on their side, counseling, supporting, and guiding them, to enable them to manage the cancer trajectory with more ease. It is a pleasure to work with Jocelyn - and I am so glad she is on our team!"