Julie Klein, Financial Assistant

In the 32 years that Julie Klein has been a Financial Assistant in the Department of Therapeutic, she has seen many changes, and has watched the department grow tremendously. When she first started there were only two people in her department covering all the clinical accounts and hospital accounts for Therapeutic Radiology; they did not even have a computer.

Julie has since gone to working part-time for the department reviewing accounts, managing maintenance contracts, and entering any changes or new physician appointments into the Business Management System (BMS). She orders cell phones for new faculty, makes sure all the laboratory equipment receives regular maintenance, and reviews accounts to make sure that everything is accurate and charged correctly.

"When I started we were in a tiny office and there were only two of us and we handled everything. Now there are more machines, more staff, and more space. It is amazing to see how it has grown," said Julie. The reward for her has been seeing the department grow, and the work that has been done, and is currently being done. She commented that being able to see cancer patients come in and be treated with better, more effective therapies, has made her proud of her work, and the work being done at Yale.

Sara Rockwell, PhD, FASTRO, Professor of Therapeutic Radiology and of Pharmacology, commented, "We are very fortunate to have Julie in our group. She is a warm and caring person, who always does her best to take care of our faculty, staff, and students, so they can concentrate on their research and clinical activities. Her coworkers affectionately call her 'our bulldog' because when someone has a problem Julie will research the issues and follow up with the right people until that problem is solved."