Laura Tuttle, Clinical Pharmacist II

Laura Tuttle
What Laura Tuttle, Clinical Pharmacist II at the Smilow Care Center at Waterbury, enjoys most about her job is being able to provide life-saving treatments to patients, while also offering supportive care. She is responsible for reviewing all chemotherapy orders and medications to make sure they are appropriate for the diagnosis, a patient's health status, and monitors for any drug interactions. 

Working alongside the physicians and the APRN's, Laura helps patients manage side effects so that they can continue to receive treatment. "We work to balance the side effects from chemotherapy in order to increase efficacy as much as possible, while reducing toxicity. Many patients are undergoing challenging treatment regimens, and I enjoy being able to optimize care for them," said Laura. "There is a lot of experience at our Care Center and we all work together with one goal in mind; benefiting our patients." 

Laura has been at the Care Center in Waterbury for a year and commented that the smaller setting enables her to build a rapport with her patients and better establish her role within their care. Roberta Sterling, RN, MSN, MPH, Clinical Program Manager for the Smilow Network, commented, "Laura is an invaluable member of the Waterbury team.  She is meticulous in her verification processes and analytical in her thinking, always with the patient at the center of her focus every day."