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Lauren Mallette, Tumor Board Administrator

For the past six years, Lauren Mallette has been in charge of coordinating 16 separate teams as Smilow Tumor Board Administrator. Tumor boards are considered an essential component of patient care, and involve different backgrounds, specialties, and expertise that may include surgeons, radiation oncologists, pathologists, medical oncologists, and other disciplines, so that all perspectives can be discussed concerning individual patient cases.

The tumor board department at Smilow Cancer Hospital is highly regarded nationally as one of the largest and well-run tumor boards. Most of them meet weekly, and Lauren is responsible for pulling together all of the information needed for each case, which includes imaging and pathology results. After pulling the information from EPIC, Lauren puts together an agenda for each tumor board.

“There is no room for error as patients rely on tumor boards to help direct their treatment plan,” said Lauren. “Privacy is paramount, and I am responsible for the onboarding of new Care Center faculty and fellows that request to join, as well as initiating and implementing new policies and procedures as needed. The metrics of each case are reported to the Cancer Committee quarterly and annually. It is a lot of work, but I love what I do.”

Lauren commented that since COVID, the tumor boards have been just as successful in the virtual format. She quickly transferred everything over to Zoom and trained those that needed help so they could continue to participate. “Ever since Lauren has become the Tumor Board Administrator, the Tumor Board conferences have run very smoothly,” said Todd Wilcox, MPA, Manager of Smilow Operations. “The level of support she always delivers to the medical providers is extraordinary.”