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Lisa Filarsky, Clinical Receptionist

As Clinical Receptionist in the Multi-Specialty Clinic at Smilow Cancer Hospital, Lisa Filarsky’s job encompasses many different facets of patient interaction. Among other things, she is responsible for greeting patients, collecting insurance information, and pulling patient charts for physicians. In her role she interacts with patients on a daily basis and makes sure they are as comfortable as possible during their visit.

“I try to do whatever I can to make a patient’s visit less stressful for them. If they enter into a friendly environment it can help make their experience that much easier,” said Lisa. Lisa deals with patients that come in once, sometimes twice a week to meet with their care team. She commented that over time they become a part of the Smilow family.

Lisa’s area covers thoracic oncology, endocrinology, ENT, and urology. She also works on the 7th floor of Smilow checking in Infusion Center patients when extra help is needed. Michelle Wilson, Lisa’s manager commented, “Lisa is a valued member of the Yale Cancer Center clinical operations team. She greets patients upon their arrival to clinic and does so with a smile every time. She sets a welcoming and positive tone for the patient’s entire visit with us, which is extremely important. The energy it takes to maintain this level of service when greeting approximately 200 patients per day is certainly impressive!”