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Lisa Schlenk, Research Associate, RCA

The Rapid Case Ascertainment (RCA) Shared Resource at Yale Cancer Center facilitates population-based studies of cancer for YCC investigators, as well as outside investigators. Lisa Schlenk is a Research Associate for the RCA and is responsible for obtaining re-approvals from the state of Connecticut, and Connecticut hospitals, for the studies. She also keeps track of the information throughout the study, such as how many patients are enrolled, and any preliminary results, in order to create a progress report for the hospital’s Institutional Review Boards.

“The challenges I face are keeping track of all the studies and meeting the various deadlines. Each study needs to receive re-approval yearly, and it is my job to make sure this gets done. It requires you to be very good at coordinating several things at once, and staying organized,” said Lisa. Currently she is working on about 20 studies that require annual re-approval. Lisa has been with the Medical School for 25 years and with the RCA since 2004.

Two years ago she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and commented that she is grateful for all the amazing and caring staff at Smilow, and realizes that the administrative support the RCA provides is an important factor that contributes to cancer research.

Lisa Calvocoressi, PhD, Associate Research Scientist in the Center for Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention at the Yale School of Public Health, is the Project Director on one of the studies Lisa and the RCA support. She commented, “Lisa Schlenk has re-designed and streamlined much of the reporting that we need to do and we are so fortunate to have such a knowledgeable, organized, and efficient member of the RCA working with us.”